Why Must Small Children Carry Heavy School Bags

We all believe & know that children are the future. Thus the children should be groomed and educated properly. Indians are unto the mark when it comes to educating their children. Everyone wants their children to go to the best schools they can afford and have the best of education. Each and every one of Indian parents want their child to be the topper. To achieve this they pressurize their child right from the preschool stage . Schools on their part put pressure on these children so that they can boast to have the best result records to show to the world and advertise it for their gains.

Today many children face psychological problems. Few of the parents come to know about the problem of their child in the form of a disturbed child or angry child but mostly problems of a child goes unnoticed. Apart from this an Indian child is also facing a severe problem of physical burden in the form of carrying heavy school bags every day of their life. By rule a child can only carry 10 to 15 percent of his\her body weight. But it seems that they carry much more then that in the form of their school bags everyday to their schools.  In a recent article written in The Times Of India it was stated that most of the school students carried around 30 percent of their body weight in these school bags everyday.

If a child is regularly forced to bear such burden they will have many kinds of problems. The child will be facing problems like backache, headache, ligament tear. Heavy bags tend to put pressure on discs between vertebrae which causes back-pain. Constant load on spine among with a bad standing posture can cause lower back-pain is what the doctor says. How can you expect a child to stand in a correct posture when he or she is carrying such a burden every day of his or her schooling life. In the article of The Times Of India, orthopaedic surgeons Dr Tejal Patel and Dr Dinesh Agarwal have stated that repeated load on the neck, or cervical area can lead to headache and giddiness. Many doctors all over the world have stated that carrying heavy burden in the form of school bags can turn these children into humpbacks.

Child should carry only 3.5 kg. in class 1 & 2. In class 7 & 8 a child should carry about 9kg. weight at most. According to the rule at any given time child should be carrying only 10 to 15 percent of his or her body weight. After these facts came to my knowledge I was very disturbed. In our country there is a law against child labor. I think the law of against child labor has been around for quite a while but the schools are making the child carry very heavy school bags everyday. Isn’t this a sophisticated kind of child labor. The big question is why are the parents allowing it. I think they want to make a winner out of their children at any cost [ even at the cost their child becoming a humpback].

There are many articles being written in Newspapers in an effort to bring this problem to light. Many doctors also trying to make the parents realize what problems their child are facing. But the big question is do we all [ parents, teachers, institutes,schools and citizens ] as a society care to acknowledge this problem and try to rectify it. We should thank The Times Of India, The Hindu and other news papers who try to bring such an important problem to the knowledge of our sleepy society. I hope these newspapers do a regular follow up of these problems of the problems of our children until they are rectified.


The Times Of India : Ahmedabad

The Times Of India

The New Zealand Hearald

The Hindu


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  1. Posted by angel on August 28, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Carrying heavy school bags daily has made the school children sick. they are not healthy get tired very soon, this is because of their school burden.


  2. Posted by faisalkhan on August 28, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Recently i shot a film on sex education,and next film i am thinking to shoot is on the children and their school bags issue and this column help me a lot for my preparation
    thanx a lot
    best wishes


  3. Posted by Jaideepsinh on August 28, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I am happy that you will be addressing this heavy school bag problem of the little ones by making a film on it. We as a society and parents should aware of these painful problems our children are facing and together help them out of it. Thanks.


  4. Posted by princess rocks!! on September 15, 2008 at 9:53 am

    heavy bags in school should be banned


  5. To the Editor or concerned readers.

    We are bag developers and our core focus is Orthopaedic schoolbags.
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    The wide extra padded straps reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder area.
    Strategic padding along the back of the bags assists in carrying th load comfortably. The growth strap with buckle allows for easy adjustment as the child grows. Smaller kids require the shoulder straps to be set lower on the back feature if they are to benefit from the ergonomic back feature and lower back cushioning.
    Once a child has used a TOTEM schoolbag, they become loyal brand followers. Parents are comforted that they are offering their child the best health benefit. The lengthy gurantee is an added bonus and the bags are high quality and durable.They last for many years, even with the treatment kids dish out.
    Parents are most concerned about the huge weights that their kids are lugging on a daily basis. Research has proved that weight carried incorrectly or in badly designed bags will result in posture problems or often more serious damage to a childs back.
    The TOTEM Orthopaedic schoolbag range has been well researched abroad in in South Africa and is highly recommended by medical specialists.

    Our company Splash Out has been in the school bag business now for the past 12 years. We have successfully entrenched our TOTEM brand of bags into the South African market.TOTEM has developed a strong brand following and we are now looking to go more global. Next year we will be launching our TOTEM Orthopaedic schoolbag and accessory range in Egypt and we welcome enquiries from other parts of the world.


  6. Posted by Ambika Goyal on August 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    skul bagz…itz jus imposibl 4 small kidz 2 carry such a huge bag…vich in return leadz dem 2 face diff. kinda diseases….///
    skul bagz must b banned…gov. shuld make a rule 2 kip oll d bukz f young guyz n galz[[small 1z]]…..////


  7. Posted by Felix Coutinho on November 10, 2009 at 3:24 am

    I am happy that you are concern about the children and addressing this heavy school bag problem of the little ones and am hopeful that this comes in action. We still see children go to this painful problem and can’t express their feelings to their parents about their problem which they face and it’s our responsibility to help the little children to come out of this burden and prevent them to get humpbacks. We all should come together and end this issue.


  8. Posted by BMR on June 16, 2010 at 8:25 am

    The issue being addressed is one thing,i would like to know what is it we can do to stop this.Schools have to make facility for children to keep books in school .We as parents need to wake up and do something,not just flow with that all kids do it so should mine.Schools such as ours tell us to our face that if it is not acceptable please take your child elsewhere.There should be some rules that need to be followed by the school.
    Are there any suggestions on how we can reduce the burden.


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  10. I agree totally is discusting that children have to carry these school bags on thier backs why carnt the books be in the school for the children so all they have to bring home is there homework and photocopy any sheets they need for homework i diddent have this problem when i went to school in england they need to do the same thing here its far better for the child at the moment its no better than child abuse we need to protect our children dose any one agree


  11. I agree the books should be in the school for the children its a lot less hassell for the child to be dragging the bags on there backs its no better than child abuse also the teachers can make a copy of any homework why the hell do they need hard backs copy and the text books sometimes 2 for each subject this needs to stop; when i went to school in england books were in school for u they need to do that here its not fair on the children does anyone agree


  12. Posted by Subodh Varma on November 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Loading the children with ideas is a better load then with books. Books are just a part of the learning media. A good education system provokes thinking more than just remembering the written words


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